Your Password and your Privacy as a Couple, don’t let anyone Spy on you!

Currently we put passwords on everything: bank cards so they don’t steal our money, web platforms we access so they don’t steal our identity, Facebook or any social account so we can have our privacy, on the phone mobile to prevent anyone from gossiping on us or seeing things that simply no one we don’t want should see… and so on a lot of other examples.

Passwords are very important nowadays since without them we would be unprotected in many aspects. But what about when it comes to passwords and partner jealousy? First you have to say that the passwords are yours and no one else’s and if you want to share them with your boy and if you don’t want to, well no and nothing should happen.

Your password and your intimacy as a couple to avoid jealousy

  • If you don’t want to give him your bank password, why are you going to give it to him? The money in your passbook is yours and you have earned it with the sweat of your brow, so only you should manage it. The Facebook password, do you really think it’s a good idea to give it to your boy? Facebook or another social network is like a community newspaper that you manage as you want. If your boy wants to see things, enter your profile, but not your account.
  • But really, it seems that not giving the passwords to couples is like an act of mistrust, but… wouldn’t it be an act of mistrust to ask for the passwords out of jealousy? The reality is that your passwords are yours and no one else’s, so if you want to give them to your partner (or part of them), it would have to be as a gesture of love and trust. But of course, the fact that you give them the passwords does not mean that your partner can enter to gossip with you, quite the opposite! In order for him to really show his love, if he knows your passwords the last thing he will have to do is log into one of your accounts.
  • But if your boy is jealous because you don’t give him the passwords, it’s because there’s no trust, so rather than giving him permission to snoop on your virtual stuff, maybe the best thing you have to do is fix that little jealousy problem, don’t you think?? Jealousy never brings anything good and shows personal insecurity!

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