Intimacy in WhatsApp: Situations that are not Funny

Who does not have the WhatsApp application installed on their phone? It is an application that all people use on a daily basis to communicate with others, it is the new way of communication between family, friends and even in business. It can be direct or deferred communication, since people can read the WhatsApp message and reply when they have a free moment, making it more comfortable for the person who writes and for the person who answers.

Situations that are not funny in WhatsApp

  • But on many occasions writing on WhatsApp is not fun at all because you can experience quite complicated, embarrassing or total situations: Earth swallow me! Do you want to know what not funny situations I mean? Perhaps when reading them you feel identified with one of them, and if not… at least you already know them so you can prevent them from happening to you!
  • When they write you a WhatsApp and someone else reads it. Many women have the bad habit of letting their WhatsApp appear on the screen when they reach their phone so they can read it without having to open the screen, but this can be a problem. Can you imagine that you have your mother by your side and that the guy from the passionate night writes you hot things? Surely you don’t want to see your mother’s circumstantial face!
  • When you mistakenly send a WhatsApp to someone who is not. Sometimes due to the rush to write faster or to be doing more than one thing at a time… we can inadvertently send a response to the wrong person. And what if the recipient of that message shouldn’t have known what you’re writing? The mess is done!
  • Sending a photo to a group by mistake. Perhaps you are sharing with your close friends the photographs of the party last night where you all had a great time, where you met some very handsome boys… so far everything is perfect. But what if you get the wrong group and send it to your colleagues in the office? The giggles down the hall on Monday morning are guaranteed!
  • When there are misunderstandings. Written language can cause misunderstandings between people because it is not known with what emphasis it is written nor with what tone. Sometimes, even though emoticons or all the necessary punctuation marks are used, misunderstandings can still occur.

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