New emojis in WhatsApp: More than 100 emoticons for 2018

New emojis will arrive in 2018 on the WhatsApp instant messaging platform with improved versions of those that already exist and some new models never seen before. The emojis are updated from time to time by Unicode, a non-profit company that develops and promotes the use of these symbols in the main operating systems, as well as deciding which emojis will be created in the future and which ones will not. Do you want to discover the new emojis in WhatsApp for 2018? There are more than 100!

These will be the new emojis for WhatsApp in 2018

Redhead emojis for WhatsApp in 2018

Until now on our mobile phones we had emojis for blondes, brunettes, chestnuts, with black hair… But what about redheads? What about redheads? Although they make up only 2% of the population, redheads do not deserve to be discriminated against, they deserve to have their own emojis and with the new year the wish will be granted. Yesses! 2018 will bring with it emojis with reddish hair. From the moment WhatsApp updates its emojis, talking to your redheaded friends or family will be more fun than ever. Most exciting of all: We will be able to include Ed Sheeran and Emma Stone in our conversations. Whoo! Welcome to the 21st century!

Emojis with white hair for WhatsApp in 2018

Redheads will not be the only ones lucky enough to have their own emojis for WhatsApp in 2018, people with white hair will also enjoy this luxury. The emojis with white hair will be the sensation of the new year. Whether it’s for adults with gray hair or teenagers who have dyed their hair inspired by celebrities like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, white hair will be a reality in the world of virtual expressions. Don’t you think it’s great?

Bald emojis for WhatsApp in 2018 

Red-haired emojis, emojis with white hair… It seems that the emojis for 2018 are going strong with the hairstyle. And of course, the bald emojis could not be missing! The world of emojis has proposed to be 100% representative and for this they have decided to include emoticons without hair. Well done!

New animal emojis for WhatsApp in 2018

 Among the new animal emojis for WhatsApp in 2018 we will have a swan, a llama, a kangaroo, a peacock and even a cute teddy bear. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if they’ll all be included, but to be honest, we’d love to! Who doesn’t like to send animal smileys to all their friends?

Party emojis for WhatsApp in 2018

It’s true, we already had the Sevillana emoji. And what better emoji than that to represent the festive atmosphere? Well, since we all really like the party, WhatsApp has decided to incorporate new party emojis for 2018. Is it your birthday or that of a relative? You can use this emoji. Is it Christmas, New Years, Mother’s Day or any other holiday? You can use this emoji. Has your friend decided to go back to her ex? You can use this emoji. Or maybe not…

New sports emojis for WhatsApp in 2018 

In the new emojis for WhatsApp in 2018 there will also be references to sports: a softball, a lacrosse racket or stick, a frisbee… If the new year motivates you to play sports, you will have many original emojis to reflect it!

Superhero and supervillain, new emojis for WhatsApp in 2018

What we all were waiting for! In the new update of emojis for WhatsApp there will be super emojis with capes. What a thrill! Batman and Superman are proud of this and we can’t wait to have them on our phones to use in all our conversations. I’m sure you too, right?

The new emoji designed for all mothers

Surely more than once you have been talking on WhatsApp with your mother and you have experienced this situation: Writing, writing, writing… OK. Two hours writing for a sad ‘OK’? This new emoji for WhatsApp would be every mother’s dream, but unfortunately Unicode has decided to discard it for this new update. Ooooh! But we do not lose hope! Let’s pray that in new updates they do include it.

Sad poop emoji for WhatsApp in 2018

We currently have a common poop emoji that is actually a chocolate ice cream, but we were missing a sad poop emoji. The idea is wonderful, but sadly Unicode has also decided to scrap it. It seems that the sad poop does not fully convince the creators of the emojis to include it in the new list of emojis for 2018. But nothing happens, we are convinced that sooner or later they will include it!

New functionality for the new emojis in 2018

As if the news weren’t enough, Unicode has raised the option of introducing a new functionality for our WhatsApp emojis: the ability to flip them to the right or left! This change may seem irrelevant, but in the end we may use it more than we think.

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