Internet: Is there Privacy in WhatsApp?

Who does not use WhatsApp today to communicate with others? If you meet a person who does not use this means of communication, two things will probably come to mind: either he is over 80 years old or he is not a reliable person. Actually, the fact that a person does not use WhatsApp today is a nuisance to us because we have become accustomed -perhaps more than necessary- to using it for everything and to communicate both on a personal level and on a more professional level.

But being so used to using WhatsApp in our daily life, you may forget to ask yourself things like the intimacy that exists in WhatsApp, does it really exist? Well, if you do not want third parties to know what you are talking about on your smartphone, then it will be up to you that this does not happen. It’s a bit like writing a diary, if you don’t want anyone to read it you’ll have to hide it in a safe place and even put a padlock on it… but if you leave it open and in an accessible place, you can be sure that someone will come to find it! read what you have written!

WhatsApp privacy and its tricks

For example, regarding your basic privacy, WhatsApp automatically configures some privacy settings that if you do not change they will be like this forever. This configuration consists of any WhatsApp user being able to see your read receipts, the time you last connected, your profile picture and your status. If you want to hide the time you were last online, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s either. The only thing you won’t be able to hide is whether you’re online or not.

But can you imagine that you have your ex in your contact list and see your status or your profile photos? It is likely that you do not want your ex to gossip about your things so you also have the option to change these settings by accessing the menu button of this application, accessing settings, then account and finally privacy. Here you can change the settings for the last time, photo or status options.

If you put “everyone”, everyone will be able to see everything. If you put “my contacts” only your contacts from your agenda with WhatsApp will be able to see it and if you put “nobody”, nobody will be able to see your photo, your status, or the time of the last connection.

Remember that you can also disable read receipts so that others can’t see when you read the messages (when the sticks turn blue), but you won’t be able to know when others read them either.

This is the most important thing you should know in terms of WhatsApp privacy, although of course… if what worries you is that others read your messages, then you will have to put other measures in place, such as not leaving your smartphone to anyone, delete the history of your conversations or put a password on your mobile.

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