Do Snapchat Photos Really Disappear?

If you have a yellow icon with a little ghost on your smartphone screen, it is more than likely that you have the Snapchat application installed. If this is so, it is because you will like to send funny photos and videos to your friends and family with the security that when a few seconds pass after receiving them, they are simply deleted forever and cannot be shared or seen by other people. This is the fun of the application and maybe that’s why you feel safe sending hot photos to that guy you like so much that you’ve finally been able to start a relationship with him.

Snapchat photos and their dangers

  • But do Snapchat photos really disappear? It is possible that until today you have been calm thinking that everything you send simply disappears forever and no one will be able to see it anymore. Here is the controversy and maybe what you are going to read next will make you think if you will really send hot or too spicy photos again… maybe from now on you will only focus on sending funny photos without any type of “hot” content.
  • The reality of Snapchat photos is that they are deleted in seconds, this is true, but they do not disappear completely. That is, if someone had to confiscate your mobile to find a Snapchat video or photo, they could do it without problems because the content will not have been completely deleted. What happens is that Snapchat eliminates the labels that allow the photo or video to be found (to the mobile and to any user without much knowledge on the subject of applications or computers), but it has not really disappeared completely (although it is not on your drive either). hard). As if that were not enough, photos and videos are not deleted from the Snapchat server, or at least not in all cases.
  • Maybe from now on you want to think about sending spicy photos.. because if someone wants to rummage around to find any content received or sent from Snapchat (professional or hacker), they can simply do so. Can you imagine that boy you have an affair with was a hacker? Better send him funny pictures of sunsets!

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