Don’t let Anyone Play you on Snapchat

There are many people who have downloaded the Snapchat application on their smartphones and it is very attractive to many people and although it is the successful application among teenagers, many adults also enjoy the fun that this application provides them. Snapchat consists of being able to send photos and videos to other Snapchat users and that when the other person receives it on their phone they only have a certain amount of time to view and enjoy the video or photo before it self-destructs.

How to avoid scares on Snapchat with your privacy?

  • This seems funny to a lot of people because the fact that it self-destructs is appealing and it seems to make the image or video content more enjoyable this way, the expectation that it will self-destruct makes people pay more attention!
  • But of course, although it can be fun, there is always the possibility that one of the Snapchat users that you have as “friends” will play it and share photos or videos that you do not want other people to see. But how can you if they self-destruct? With videos it is more complicated for them to play you because it is necessary to record the video with another terminal when you have sent it, and even if the quality is not the same, if it is a hot video rest assured that many people will want to see it… because society is like that, everything that is morbid is curious to look at.
  • But with photographs it is easier for them to play you because if you send an image that is somewhat risqué, perhaps the person who receives it takes a quick screenshot and can now enjoy that image in their privacy, or what is worse, share it with other people!
  • So that nobody plays you on Snapchat, the ideal is that you focus on the images you send or the videos do not have content that is too hot or compromised, so that nobody can play with you. Besides that, this application is designed above all for you to have fun making funny videos or photos… if you use Snapchat in this way, you won’t have to worry at all!

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