What you should do (and what you should avoid) to flirt on Instagram

The ways of flirting have changed so much in recent years that social networks have become the perfect allies to get a date with the person you like. Especially for the shyest people who don’t dare to approach someone in a bar, or simply who work a lot and don’t have much time to go out.

Instagram, for example, is an ideal network to flirt with that person you think about so much and that you like so much, right? However, what should you do and what should you avoid to flirt on Instagram? How is it done correctly? What steps to follow to avoid screwing up or rushing too much? In this article we tell you everything you need to know to make your flirting a success.

What you should keep in mind in your profile

Just as you can look at someone’s profile when you start to follow them, anyone can do the same with yours, so you have to know very well what you want to convey. Your personal brand. To do this, you must pay attention to several things:

The biography: there are people who prefer to have a short description of themselves and others, an inspiring phrase. Perhaps the most important thing is that it represents you and that is not found at first. You can spin it around and perfect it over time. Eye! Don’t give too much information about yourself either. Just like in a Tinder profile, you have to be fair so they don’t take things for granted and ask you.

Your photos say a lot about you: Instagram is the social network for photos and here, more than ever, they will say a lot about you. What would you think of a profile in which all the photos are mirror selfies showing a spectacular body? Perhaps that person is very proud of her body or that she loves herself very much (too much). And one with all inspiring phrases? Too intense? The idea is that you create a profile that shows your facets, the most attractive parts of your personality. An Instagram in which you can see different photos, with different perspectives cooking, doing sports, with friends, alone, laughing, pensive… It will give dynamism to your image and that adds points!

Take care of everything you would look at: Let’s say you have to look at an Instagram profile of someone you like. Would you look at the photo captions it puts? In the tagged photos? In your profile you must take care of exactly the same, what they can fix.

Tricks to flirt through Instagram

It can be said that flirting on Instagram is quite a ritual. It is not a Tinder in which you get a match and you know that a person is interested in you, it can be compared more with when you flirted in bars, is this person single? Will you listen to me? The process of following each other and starting a conversation should take some time, not everything can be done quickly!

Find an interesting conversation starter

The beginning of the conversation should be something conducive, something that gives you the opportunity to start talking with that person. Forget the “hello, how are you?”, just thinking about it bores you and immediately leads you to think: “what does this person want?”. Perhaps the best excuse to start talking to someone is to reply to a story on her profile About her. But remember that originality and laughter always score points.

You have to know when to like

Yes, we have all been given a lot of ‘likes’ on Instagram at some point or have given us a like on an old photo so that we would know that they have been gossiping about our profile, but be careful! This also has technique. You can’t do everything at once (talk to someone and like their photos) and, furthermore, it is advisable to do it when you start to have contact but not too soon, or we will give a negative image to the person on the other end!

keep the conversation alive

Just like when you talk on WhatsApp or another application, if you want to have contact with that person you have to keep the conversation alive. This does not mean answering every so often, but when it is answered, it is done well. It can take two hours to answer or half a day, nothing happens! But answering with a “hahaha” and that’s it will not play a part in the conversation. Asking a question, sending a meme or telling something that has happened to you will make us fan the flame to get to know each other better.

If you stop writing, you have to start

If you stop answering for some reason or they stop answering, nothing happens either. Let’s not give a dramatic touch to everything. People can end a conversation and start it again but be careful! There is an unwritten rule: if you finish it, you should start it all over again!

When to ‘fool’ with that person?

And when do we take the step of flirting with the person we have on the other side? We can start with something subtle like asking for a drink and that can always be done hidden behind a bet. For example, “come on, if you get it right, I’ll buy you a beer” or “if I’m right, invite me to have a drink”. Behind this proposal, it is known that there may be a subtle invitation to something more, but it is a first step in which we will begin to prepare the way to move on to a clearer fooling around, if they give us a free hand.

Originality and sympathy count twice

Since there are no gestures or intonation in this type of conversation, being able to have an original, funny and graceful conversation counts twice as much. The ability to make a person laugh just by writing is an art. As is surprising her with something different (today any flirting technique is more popular and the answers are so expected that it is difficult to surprise). If you succeed, you will have gained a lot of ground.

What you should NOT do if you want to flirt on Instagram

Just as there are things that you should do or try to achieve, there are others that you should avoid at all times. These are some of them:

Appear obsessive or intense

Write at all hours (without leaving space for the other person) or give ‘Like’ non-stop. Write very often and with many questions… In general, you should avoid anything that can give you a feeling of overwhelm. Just relax!

Write or reply to the second

We also don’t say that “make him miss you a little bit” thing because it seems silly that if you have free time, you should be taking time to reply to a person, but reply to the minute, stay ‘on line’ and reply back to After a few second, it gives a feeling of being overwhelmed and we do not intend to give that image either.

Beware of misspellings

As we have been telling you throughout the article, you must take care of your profile image and what you say, here you do not have face to face to earn points. Therefore, misspellings in the conversation will also say a lot about you. We are not talking about an abbreviation or an accent that you miss, we are talking about changing ‘b’ to ‘v’, forgetting ‘h’ or changing ‘x’ to ‘s’. Why are we telling you this? You may find a person who really doesn’t care about that and everything is perfect, but if you find one who doesn’t care… Forget about all the good vibes you can try to create because it will be cut off instantly.

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