Delete the History of your Secrets for your boyfriend and your mother

Gossiping with our ex on Facebook, looking for information on intimate hygiene, sexual positions, vaginal problems… The searches on our computer are very private.

For this reason, probably none of us want anyone to see the pages or urls we enter, the real problem is that the people closest to us see it!

We mean, of course, our boyfriend or, for example, our mother. Would we want him to know that we thoroughly investigate our previous boyfriend on Instagram? Or would we like our mother to see a website on how to reach orgasm by chance? Of course not.

Tips to leave no trace on the Internet 

So that no one meddles in our affairs, it is necessary that we know certain guidelines to protect our privacy, and that when someone takes our computer they do not know what type of pages we have been on.

  1. Delete the Internet history: Every time we go to a page, or visit a specific urn, that can be seen in the history bar of our computer. If what we do not want is that our boy does not know with whom and when we have spoken and above all, in what spaces, what we have to do is select the option to delete browser history. Also, if we select the option “since the beginning of time”, no one will be able to see what pages we have entered in the entire history of our PC.
  2. Browse the Internet incognito: Another simpler option is the one that we can adopt on our computer or someone else’s, which is to browse through an incognito window. This is easier, since we will not have to delete the history, something that our boy may find suspicious, for example, since it reveals that something is wrong.
  3. Do not save your passwords on the Internet: If every time that page asks you for your password, you allow it to be saved, then you are going to have a problem with privacy, since anyone -and especially your partner- could gossip about your affairs.

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