Women vs. Men: The Best Mother-in-Law Jokes on Twitter

For women and men, a mother-in-law is undoubtedly the worst part of having a partner. Although surely on many occasions she is undeserved, mothers-in-law have a terrible reputation for judging and embittering the lives of their children’s partners. Many messages have been left on Twitter that portray the position towards the mother-in-law.

The greatest wish, its extinction

Mothers-in-law often show up at lunchtime on Sundays, ready to bring their son up to date and, in the process, take a look at your chore skills. A definitely tense situation.

Doing tourism with family

Mothers-in-law are known as witches, and not precisely because of their fortune telling skills. This is reflected in this tweet.

For men, a gruesome sight

The typical mother-in-law is not characterized by her physical attractiveness, although men rarely stop to think that they may be checking their own future.

A gift to conquer the mother-in-law

The best way to conquer any woman, even your mother-in-law, is a good gift. But if that doesn’t work, Twitter offers some alternatives.

Its true origin very deep

So much so that some say it is hell. And it is that thanks to Twitter we have discovered what is the true origin of mothers -in-law.

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