The best Halloween memes to send by WhatsApp

Any date is good for circulating some WhatsApp memes of those that make you laugh a few times. And Halloween is too. Although it is known as the most terrifying party of the year, we will surely find some funny image that will put the lace on this date.

As you know, Halloween is celebrated on October 31 (the eve of our well-known “All Saints’ Day”) and is known as the Night of the Dead. A night that increasingly takes center stage and in which the important thing is to enjoy, be scared and have a good time.

So like at any other time of the year (Christmas, Easter or summer itself) memes multiply and flood our devices ready to make us laugh. For this reason, in this article we have compiled some of the funniest Halloween memes so that you can be the queen of that WhatsApp group that is always on fire with notifications and succeed with the most original meme.

7 funny memes to send by WhatsApp on Halloween 

  • The one with friends

There is always a meme to send in the group of friends and it is always sent by the most partying person, so we have one for you! The one that makes any reason a day of celebration and a day to have a few drinks. Does it hit you?

  • The one with the brothers

If you have siblings, you will surely understand that we always look for the image to make them laugh (or rage). So… Raise your hand to those who have never messed with their sister! Halloween is a day of laughter and scares!

  • The one with the students

When we talk about funny images, you can never miss the one that represents the students, it doesn’t matter if you are 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old, because if you are studying you will feel represented by that meme. This one that we leave you with below does have a good support and it is that if it is about making you scream in terror, that they give you a surprise exam without warning, it is panicking!

  • The one in black humor

Another of the “categories” that cannot be missing from our memes is that of black humor. These images always arouse two opinions in the WhatsApp groups: the one who answers with “HAHAHAHA” and the one who answers with “Halaaaa, how gross!!”. And it is that it is what black humor has!

In this case we are talking about Halloween decorations and decorating a wall with tombstones. So far normal, right? The problem is that it may not be the best decoration when we are decorating the wall… of a nursing home! oops!

  • The one with the family group

There is always a perfect image to send for that family group that includes aunts, grandparents, cousins, brothers-in-law… and you have to be a bit correct. In order not to get into black humor, politics or religion, the one who messes with mothers is always chosen. Poor! But it is that sometimes they give us incredible moments like this! 😉

  • The funny guy

And at the same time the classic. That’s it, your funny friend on duty has sent you an image to tell you not to wear a mask on Halloween, that your face looks good. Typical right? And it is that a classic meme like that cannot be missing on October 31.

  • The vindictive

If, on the other hand, this Halloween thing doesn’t work for you, have this image ready! Claiming and clear, whoever comes to you with Day of the Dead jokes, make your position clear! Of course, without losing humor

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