Rain of memes (VERY witty) to share on Father’s Day 2022

March 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day and also Father’s Day in Spain (in other countries around the world it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June), a magical date for all parents and also for their children. Whether you enjoy their company every day or live at a distance or are no longer with you, on this date it is especially nice to remember them with affection and dedicate a few words to them. Although in this article we always say that love and feelings are shown every day, these occasions give us the perfect opportunity to express them in a little more special way.

However, there are those who prefer to have the details on other days and leave the funny images, memes and funny phrases for this day. Those that circulate virally on social networks and WhatsApp groups and that will make our parents and other relatives and friends smile or even laugh.

Do you want to join the group of people who have memes for everything and send yours on Father’s Day? Next, we propose you a rain of memes to share on Father’s Day 2022 sooooo but soooo clever. Are you ready?

6 funny memes to celebrate Father’s Day

The one with the gift

You already know that memes are always based on clichés. When it comes to joking about this special day, the first thing that comes to mind is the gifts. Although now the customs have changed and not so much is given away, before it was a tradition to have details such as ties or underpants. From year to year the closet was “renewed.” Hence, one of the most used memes for this day is the one that laughs at those typical gifts: “Hold on, Father’s Day is coming!”

The one that reaches the heart

Children are also protagonists on this day, so it is not surprising that there are memes dedicated to them and their ingenuity. Since we were little we have used ourselves thoroughly to make crafts for our parents. However, there comes an age when we want to have a detail with them but oh! We don’t have money for it yet! So why not ask dad for money to buy him his own gift? Ironies of life: P

The one that makes you put your hands to your head

From the adorable children who ask their parents for money, we move on to the children who, wanting to have a detail with their father, make a big deal! A classic! And we want to imagine that the protagonist of this meme had good intentions when she told her father that she loved him by recording it on the car’s plate. Of course, we cannot help but put our hands to our heads wondering: HOW DID HE DO IT? No wonder the father cried! Can you imagine yourself in the same situation?

The funny guy

The saying goes: “From cat parents, kitty children.” And it is that, sometimes, the resemblance between parents and children is surprising. For this reason, they are usually easy targets for memes, although they are not always completely correct. In this case, the resemblance is reasonable but we are not very convinced that they are correct. Ha ha ha!

The one with the topic

And as a classic joke of this very special day is really knowing who your father is: it could be the plumber, the gas or the soda… How exactly does this meme count! Because it is a perfect day to tell the truth and to take it with humor!

The adorable

Like kittens, a classic target for memes are little monkeys. If you do not want to go to the side of jokes, opt for an adorable little monkey congratulating your father’s day. He doesn’t seem charming to you?

And you? Have you thought about how you are going to congratulate your father on his day? Did you like any of these memes for Father’s Day?

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